Wordless Wednesday: red roofs, blue water.

16 Apr


As the waves wash of those city walls and water seems so evil blue, they leave me mesmerized with every splash I feel on my face…


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Short story. Dirty layer.

16 Apr P1060828

With no disrespect for those who practice law here is my short story for Wednesday write-in at Cake. Short and Sweet.

Prompts: fly in the ointment  ::  suspect  ::  fairytale  ::  green  ::  shame

          I remember clearly that time when I was still a human: caring, loving… still a child. I could be brought to shame easily, and then I would get shy and distant. My life guidelines were drawn by my community, society and family and now it is all gone. Would you like to know why? Answer is easy enough: because I am a dirty layer.

           Anger and green poisonous envy fulfills my life: it rules me, it moves me, it makes me feel alive. I practice law well and I know better than anyone that it is a game. For some, for those, who choose to play fair. For me, on the other hand, it is like having a dinner with fools. Those guys don’t know that I don’t have dignity, neither do I have loyalty, neither do I play by the rules. If someone suspects, I press them down to the ground with my big thumb of a dirty layer. And after the first one there is certainly no way back. I need to let you know: I have done this too many times.

         I came to realization too late: my life is not a fairytale with a happy ending. The ending will definitely come with the blast. Would you like to know why? I am dirty layer, that’s why…



Into the summer! Flower print gathered skirt (pattern)

14 Apr

Flower skirt cover

        Easy breezy pattern, wonderful fabric print, amazing feeling of colors – what could be better for those summer days? Especially here, in Vegas. The deal with me is that if I found myself in love with certain pattern, I am probably going to make two or three, or maybe more, different takes and styles on it. Like with this one, I made red tango skirt couple of days ago and today I am here to show this lovely flower skirt, exactly the same pattern.

      As I already said before, it might seem easy to do gathered skirts, but working with silk is a challenge on its own. This skirt is made out of two layers, top is printed silk, bottom is lightweight crepe (that’s the reason this skirt has more body) and invisible zipper in the back. I hope you love the style and silhouette as much as I do with all the accessories. Pattern can be found here. Burda style studio profile with all my doings here.

        Enjoy, enjoy and happy Monday! :)

- Alisa

Flower skirt 3

Flower skirt 2

Flower skirt 5

Flower skirt 7



Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

13 Apr

Grace. Religion. Belief. Monument.

Monumental St Petersburg

My motherland – St.Petersburg, Russia

Weekly photo challenge

Red Tango skirt. (Full gathered skirt pattern)

12 Apr

Red skirt cover

    Yesterday was a Tango night… Full of passion, emotions, good music, fascinating dancers and amazing showcase. Some of you might know that I have been doing dancing for quite a while now. Mostly Samba, Swing and Hustle. It excites me and encourages to see how far I can push my body. Well, recently we got invited to visit Winchester cultural center for their special fundraising Tango night, so we did.  It was interesting and unexpected!

         To celebrate my first proper introduction to the world of Tango culture I decided to make something special and of course, in RED. Since we had in plans to go ballroom dancing afterwards, it also should have been something airy yet comfortable to move in. Full gathered skirt it was.

         I chose 100% silk and doubled it with a layer of black chiffon, with invisible zipper at the back. Simple yet elegant I should say. Made it in roughly 3 hours, also while baking some home goods. Multitasking. I hope you enjoy the style and the flair of this skirt!

Red skirt 2

        And, yes, I am that kind of person that needs a pattern for everything. If to be honest, I love working with patterns, even if those are self-made or self-drafted, I still love to have one for any type of project I do. So, very simple yet quite detailed gathered skirt pattern you can find here http://www.blogforbettersewing.com/2009/08/make-this-skirt-part-two-of-gathered.html

Also visit my Burda studio profile here.


Thank you for stopping by,


Baking. Home made whole wheat bread.

12 Apr
Wheat bread 1

Whole wheat bread on pizza stone. Fresh out of oven.

      Yes, there is no problem of buying bread in store, but at the same time I wanted to try it and see how it would turn out. I must say it truly is delicious! Using honey instead of sugar gives it sweet and savory taste, using whole wheat flour makes it even better. Not going to make it very often, but believe me, it is worth it and, it is not that difficult at all.

For those who are interested recipe here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/simple-whole-wheat-bread/?scale=12&ismetric=0

Let’s DO this!

9 Apr

Something short (almost too short), motivating and moving for Wednesday write-in here Postcards 21

For more postcards from around the world click here

Prompts: mistake  ::  baggage  ::  curlew  ::  tear  ::  shatter

        When the clock strikes eighteen – it is time to go. No matter what they say, or how it is supposed to be you shall know that this is your chance. Take it or leave it. It is that perfect time to pack your luggage, shed a tear and make your own way into life. Yes, with mistakes, missteps, highest heights and deepest lows. It is your own path, your yellow brick road. Follow it, let it lead you to your dreams, look up to the rising sun and say “Let’s DO this!”


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