First time black pants – sewing monochrome! (Burda Style patterns)

      Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle Read this post on The Monthly Stitch          This month has been full of changes: I started my new job, we got very… Continue reading

WordPress weekly photo challenge: containers

 Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle For WordPress weekly photo challenge: containers. I love little boxes, containers and tins. I usually keep there something I highly value: tiny memorabilia, souvenirs… Continue reading

Cut-out butterfly bracelet on Etsy

  Find this bracelet on Etsy. With all other things in our life it is hard to get hold of everything that we have. But step by step I am updating our Etsy… Continue reading

Soft blush look: sewing Burda’s ruched skirt and knit sweater (with pattern)

 Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle       So, do you know that feeling when you realize that you have made 5 skirts and 3 tops out of the same patterns… Continue reading

World needs more good deeds. Get up and make a difference!

For Weekly Writing challenge at WordPress: Honey vs Vinegar “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone” – Al Capone      … Continue reading

DIY: Jack Daniel’s jewelry stand

Ever wondered what to do with all those excessive amounts of empty bottles after another party? Well, this post is just about right on how to give your bottle of Jack second shelf… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: MOB museum of Las Vegas

Continuing the topic of “The city I live in” here is another collection of pictures from the Mob museum in Las Vegas. I hope you Enjoy!

10 ways of men’s shirt refashion: tips and useful articles

Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle       Let me tell you this – I am not big on refashioning or upcycling, not at all. In fact I believe that repurposing or… Continue reading

Leather flower bracelets now on Etsy

Check out these bracelets on Etsy We have been really busy lately with getting stuff ready for Renaissance fair. Although we still have time till mid October, it seems like we do need… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: (wedding) relic

       For WordPress weekly challenge, theme – RELIC.      As per definition of Google, “relic” is an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.      This week I would love… Continue reading