Wordless Wednesday: exploring my new camera

     Curiosity is a great mover of life, it pushes us to explore our limits, it discovers untouched beauty, it reveals unknown. Curiosity goes one step before progress, one step before all great discoveries. Everything… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: I am back!

It has been crazy lately: with wedding preparations and work in-between, as well as life just in general… I honestly could not keep up with running my blog and posting as often as I… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: motivation in beauty

        Very good afternoon, beautiful people! Today I have a small collection of succulent photos of flowers taken in different parts of the world. I often find my motivation and inspiration in the… Continue reading

Sewing Monday: organza spring flower brooch

        Everyone knows that I love flowers! Seems like natures beauty is enclosed in the beautiful creations, any color, any shape and charming scent. Flowers make my day and sometimes I miss the… Continue reading

Welcome, 2015!

      Happy New Year, beautiful people! It is going to be a good one – that’s for sure! My personal focus for following 365 days will be to make sure that dreams come… Continue reading

Sewing Monday: Experimental T-shirt!

               Good morning, everyone! New Years is approaching our planet: new beginning for ones, great continuation for other. One way or another this year has been an amazing year, had some unexpected… Continue reading

Merry Christmas, everyone!

       There is nothing better than a peaceful Christmas morning in the surroundings of your beloved ones! As we are so far away from everyone, my beloved ones are only: best.husband.ever. Jared and a kitty cat-… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas in Las Vegas

     Morning walk on The Strip resulted in these lovely photos. Here you can see Bellagio gardens, Aria’s Christmas tree and a single standing rose somewhere on The Strip, that caught my attention.… Continue reading

Sewing Monday: Z-z-zebra Tee

                 Hello there, crafty person! The holiday season is here and that consumes a lot of time: gift shopping, gift making, décor crafting and what not… But, there is always some time… Continue reading