Dress it up for a night out! Sewing and designing evening wear

 <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11190991/?claim=yb9bxu7z2w9″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>          Alright, how many cardigans, blouses, skirt and shirts have you made for your daily wear? Numerous amounts… Well, how about something special, for a unique occasion?… Continue reading

A graceful life to live! Dear Manifesto…

You are smart, you are kind, you are important… Dear Manifesto, my only wish, requirement and just a friendly advice is: stop being so critical, judgmental, strict and demanding. Drop the deadlines, drop… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: silence of nature or nature of silence?

There are times when words are needless, when they can only harm and disrupt gentle and vulnerable nature of silence. Silence is such a needed state of mind, at least in my life.… Continue reading

Let’s sugarcoat it: ruffle top and layered skirt DIY!

  Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle        Let’s talk SUGAR, SPICE and everything NICE! Oddly enough, since being a little girl I never really enjoyed pink color. It was never… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: TEXTURE

Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle For weekly photo challenge on WordPress: TEXTURE. All of these photos have been taken in the city of all cities: Las Vegas. Lots of… Continue reading

Sewing news and online competitions, hurry up!

Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle       It is time to admit – every single “Oh, did you really make it yourself?” is an extra point to your self-esteem basket. And… Continue reading

Sewing business casual: all dressed up in navy blue!

     Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle According to my sewing schedule last week I entered my business casual phase. I am almost 100% positive that I am done with… Continue reading

2 patterns = 6 skirts. Summer sewing wrap-up

        Follow me on Pinterest  *** Kollabora *** Bloglovin ***  BurdaStyle        Let’s do a quick summer sewing wrap-up, because as of right now I am entering the phase of “sewing business casual” style,… Continue reading

What to do with fabric scraps? 3 amazing projects for You

                      I absolutely love sewing projects, and recently the “late night art tradition” turned into the “late night sewing”. As much as I love messing around with different fabrics and creating beautiful… Continue reading