Weekly photo challenge: refraction

This week as a topic we have “Refraction”. Not sure If I had the right selection of photos for this challenge, but this one is just a rough pick through my photo folders.… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Generic, but sort of satisfying…

      So! Generic and boring is really not what I go for, ever, but I need to say, sometimes it is useful. I haven’t painted anything in quite some time, and tonight was… Continue reading

Dreamy… weekly photo challenge.

Dreamy… nothing speaks to more that a morning in the mountains. Moist grass, sizzling of fresh water streaming down the hill and a single ray of sunshine… for WordPress weekly photo challenge. So… Continue reading

Make it pop! DIY accessories

      Creating a look is not only about sewing clothing, everything counts when you’re making your vision come true: those shoes, those accessories and that make-up.  I should admit that I don’t know… Continue reading

One week – one pattern! Sewing and creating.

       Falling in love with one particular pattern is dangerous, you might easily end up with a wardrobe full of “one look” type of clothing. But, don’t let this thought to discourage you.… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Spook Cave! Yet another postcard!

              This month turned out to be super inspiring and excited in terms of interaction with people with similar interests! I get incredibly surprised when over an internet space there happens to be… Continue reading


         Hello there! They say that in the world of fashion one day you’re in, and another one you’re out. It happens, life happens, and sometimes you can never know. Recently I composed… Continue reading

Unexpected… from India!

So… you already know my gentle vibe towards postcards! The sentimental feeling you get every time you pull one of those out of mailbox, the excitement you feel. They capture so dearly valued… Continue reading

Selfish sewing: cappuccino top!

                 The week between September 22nd and 28th is the week of Selfish Sewing that I discovered over at Imaginegnats blog. It is an interesting concept encouraging us, sewing enthusiasts, to sew… Continue reading

Night time in Vegas – weekly photo challenge

Living in Vegas is definitely a challenge in every sense and aspect. You’re getting used to all the luxurious things that Vegas has to offer, but you also give up a lot of… Continue reading