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    I love receiving and sending postcards, with the ones that have been delivered from all around the world to my friends and family I think I am just over a count of 500! It is that special capture of memories and feelings that makes postcards so special to me. “No matter where I might be I am thinking of you, therefore I am sending you this postcard” – that’s what the postcard is for me. And I believe for my 23 years long life I have sent over 500 postcards from around the world to dozens of people. How cool is that to be in Europe and receive a postcard from Virgin Islands or Costa Rica?

      It is not only about where do you travel, but mostly how you remember that place. World is a magical place with so many secrets to explore, so keep on going and never stop!

Take a look at the postcards that I collected from my travel adventures. And, please don’t be shy! If you share my passion about postcards and would like to receive a sunny greeting from fabulous Las Vegas – just fill out the contact form and guard your mail box! :) Just fill out this form over here or drop me an email at or

Below you will find showcase consisting of postcards from my own collection from the places that I have been to. Enjoy! Read more about my postcard passion in this article or fill out the postcard sign up form over here. Craving for more? Ultimate journey photo collection is kept over here, check it out!