Weekly photo challenge: Summer Lovin’ (my art work)

For the Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress – Summer Lovin’.

       In my understanding summer is a fresh beginning, awakening of the nature, awakening of the spirit and mind! It is an ongoing contrast between seasons and emotions. When I read the description of the challenge, all of a sudden I got inspired to finish one of my canvas that has been sitting in the corner of the room for quite a while now. Game of contrast was my main idea, I believe that’s what happens when you feel love – it hits you and turns your world upside down. It creates great difference between “before” and “after”, just as between summer and winter. I love painting and I feel so relaxed while holding brushes and having blank canvas in front of me! Is anyone else keen on painting? Share your passion in comments below! Thank you for stopping by :)

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 Painting - summer lovinPainting - summer lovin 1