Catching up: Be welcomed

For those who don’t know me yet – I want to welcome You into my life! I am Latvian born Russian, raised in Europe, engaged to American and currently based in United Kingdom. Sounds like lots of fun? Exactly!

For past couple of years I have been traveling, been here and there – almost everywhere. Challenged myself with different types of jobs and adventures. As for now I am holding a management position at the local restaurant in Manchester, since food industry has been my passion for so many years.

Alongside with being complete “foodie” I am also very “artsy-fartsy”. Currently I am working on one of the projects highlighting my traveling path, but as much as I enjoy arts I do love fashion as well. Once in a while I do have a time in my life when I eat fashion, sleep fashion and breathe fashion. And for that I need to thank my Mom. She is second Coco Chanel for me, an icon for my own.

As every other person I do have my little cravings, habits and weird things going on. A lot of things happened in the past that deserve to be told about; some of the things are yet to happen. You will get to know me better – I promise.

As for now – stays tuned and follow-up, the best is yet to come!

Xo xo,

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