I was here: L.A – City of Angels


When I think of Los Angeles and those first thoughts I had when stepping on this land all I can remember was singing along to Miley Cyrus „I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan. Jumped in the cab, here I am for the first time. Look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign – this is all so crazy!”.

From Northern European winter I arrived into American dream – Los Angeles also known simply as LA, second biggest city in U.S.  Despite the facts that this is not my first visit to United States and that Americans for me do seem pretty similar to Russians, they still make me wonder about some cultural aspects that I experience every time I interact with Americans. Wont go too deep in explaining why, but this is one of those countries that make me want to explore and learn about it more. Don’t forget all fantastic innovations that they have and extremely delicious food that sometime goes over the top like a fetish or something. And yes, Los Angeles is translated as “City of Angels”.

Well, to give you a sneak peak I should say that our “one day in L.A” started off very good. You know that famous saying that once in a while everyone feels the touch of fortune, well yes, something good happened indeed. We very lucky to have luxurious tour around Hollywood downtown in a limo for a price of simple city cab. How that is possible? They simply ran out of cars and we were offered to have a ride in a limo, of course, if we were okay with that. And who wouldn’t be?
Not having much time limited our possibilities of sight seeing so we chose the legendary Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre and Hollywood Boulevard. Seen the famous L.A.Ink and Disney theatre, every single piece of building and attraction in Hollywood left us amazed.  Was it real?

It certainly was. Though it was a quick visit, but it got me so intrigued that I am giving myself a promise to return!

Stay tuned,

xo xo, Alisa


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