Today is The Day: when life seems beautiful

The word “seems” serves as a reminder to the fact that everything is very relative. It is as good or as bad as we want to picture it to ourselves. Meanwhile it is great to keep up with your positive thinking, but you already know—it is easier said then done. So the idea of the day is: make the beauty around yourself or help someone else to pursuit it.

Some simple ideas of how I make it happen:1

  1. Fruit story. I am sorry, but when was the last time you had a proper bowl of fresh fruits and berries? Probably not as recent as a meal deal from McDonald’s. So how about some melon and peaches, bananas and forest berries? For me it is not only a source of vitamins and a good-mood recipe, but also very valuable childhood memories of my summers spent in middle Asia. Not everyone has the same experience, but I do believe that most of us are gifted with great imagination, so go ahead—indulge yourself with some fresh fruit story!
  2. Being a postcard geek. I am sure my old friends are so used to receive postcards from all over the world that it does not amaze them as much as some newer friends when I drop a line or two from tropical Costa Rica or simply from …Manchester. Either way it is a nice touch to one’s every day routine, remind someone that you value them, or maybe invite your significant other to a date via postcard?
  3. All about gifts. Of course we do have special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries that are so perfect for giving and receiving long waited gifts and attention, but isn’t it nice from time to time make someone smile because of something silly and cute, random flower bouquet or box of chocolates? Think of it, it does not cost a fortune, but it will put desired smile on one’s face. I love to make little surprises and I am very “gifty” person, everyone has their own way and this is mine.

Hope you find your little moments,

Have a wonderful day,



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