I was here: Queen Victoria – “Ship Beautiful”

P1050935 Although back in time title „ship beautiful” was earned by Aquitania, transatlantic queen of Cunard Line, I believe that nowadays we can surely give this honorable name to Queen Victoria. Magnificent, enchanting, luxurious and sophisticated – she is truly the Queen.

Of course, we are all familiar with famous Cunard’s Atlantic crossing Queens, but despite that Queen Victoria is the youngest ship in Cunard’s fleet of ocean liners. If your element is water, seas and oceans then be ready: Queen Victoria will make your heart beat faster and will stay there forever.

She is the true beauty from the outside as much as on the inside, and above all this amazing ship will be my home for next 6 months. My travel itinerary is to be revealed, but I can give you a sneak peak: we are going on a transatlantic cruise from New York to Southampton (UK), the almost same tour that Titanic made on its first and last tragic voyage. Also the company, Cunard, is straightly related to the White Star (company that built Titanic), they still have White Star service school and I really hope I will get a chance to go through one of their trainings while working aboard.

As far as for now – we have finished our tour around Hawaii and in a day we are going to stop in Ensenada – Mexico. Excited and thrilled, waiting for upcoming adventures on board!




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