Catching up: Exploring the city

3If to be honest—I was waiting for this moment. The moment that would take my breath away and make me fall in love with this city, the same way it did with Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Venice… But all I could think of was: “Oh, silly me, it is just Manchester. Full stop.”After all, yes – I am a total control freak, but I like to be wrong from time to time. And I found the moment: my breath is gone with the wind.

Sometimes it takes a perfect combination to be in place for thing to happen, this time it was right friend, right day and the best possible location. As from my experience every city has its secret door, or a gate, or however you want to call it, but there is always something to be read between the lines, the world behind the real city. For Manchester it is a place called Northern Quarter. A perfect spot for a tea junk, chocolate lover, vintage addict and open-minded person which I am.

 As for now I find it to be an alternative part of the town with little vintage shops, weird bars, even weirder stores, little cafes and tea serving places. Historically, though, it used to be the capital of textile industry, which fairly explains why Northern Quarter is Mecca for professionals and just DIY’ers in terms for fabrics and hobby-lobby places.

As much as I am fairly calm about this country I shall say this city managed to get me on the hook. This Manchester’s “Soho” opened my eyes, made me realize that this city has more to give then just well-known industrial prototype. Enchanting Victorian lay-out of Northern Quarter will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland sneaking around from door to door, from little to small, from trouble to surprise.

It was a quick run-through this bohemian district, but I managed to snap some photos and also to capture big, massive, juicy burger that I had that day in one of those vintage bars.

If you haven’t found Northern Quarter yet—I hope you do,

If you already did—I hope you Enjoy it.

All the best,

Always yours,



5 thoughts on “Catching up: Exploring the city

  1. Your so talented! What a professional and interesting blog! You have to take me to this “Alice in wonderland” quarter!



      1. We need to go on a night adventure of Alice in Wonderland and see what weird and interesting things we can find!!!!! Glad you are begining to warm up to this town! you had me worried for a minute!! Great article xx


      2. That is the one of a kind idea – we need to that! I bet during the evening hours they have more to expose and the life in the quarter is more active!


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