I was here: The farewell for Cadiz

4 thoughts on “I was here: The farewell for Cadiz”

    1. I agree, it just has something to it! This little interesting twist, a curved story that makes it worth visiting this place! But as any other tourist destination – it changes its pattern during the vacation season, sadly.


  1. I love how you speak about Cádiz and I hope you come back some day (if it’s with Reginna it will be perfect). You two have a home in Cádiz, our home will be your home. I would have liked to spend more time together but I’m very shy and I need more time for it, Anyway, Jack and me are very happy for meet you, definitely the best housemates we have had in England, thank you very much for everything.
    I hope we don’t lose contact between us.
    A lot of kisses for you, Reginna and Kennedy.


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