Today is The day: Her Birthday!

nataly1 copyThey say “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Today I will let the words float and create a tribute to a dearest friend of mine – Nataly. We don’t praise each other in every day routine, there is simply no room left for that, but today is her time. It is your Birthday, Nat, – today you get to be a star that you are!

If you would see us right now, it would never come across your mind that back in the days, almost a decade ago, we weren’t getting along too well. Lets be honest – until the senior year I was a nerd and Nataly was a nerd, too. We both had our positions amongst friend and classmates and we would not care about each other, but people alike are stuck with each other for life. And I am more than happy that I am stuck with Nataly!

Talented, enthusiastic, bright and very honest, she is a proof that real friends do exist! Always ready to help and to participate, not scared to speak up and brave enough to go out there and try. To people like that you give the bast that you have and you’re not afraid to open your heart and to expose your thoughts. There was this story that I remember till now: it was a mid-summer time back home, in Latvia, a day before Nataly would leave for her studies in UK. We went to one of the local cafes, sat there for few hours drinking tea and “dreaming Big”, discussing our plans for future and planning our success. That day we promised each other that when time comes – we will be working together on biggest project of our lives. We made a pact that no matter how far away life might take us – we will always stay friends. Believe it or not, but we had more than one country to cross, long hours spent on buses, planes and trains, hours of phone conversations and zillions of postcards sent to each other. Real friends don’t come and go – they stay friends forever.

Today is your day Nataly – shine bright like a Diamond! I wish you all the best and I know that no matter what winds will be on your way – they will always take you to the right one! Be inspired, stay inspired and never, never give up!

Happy Happy Birthday –  h-o-o-o-ray!








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