DIY: Dare to be an Artist!


Before heading to town and having a breakfast in just recently discovered Northern Quarter I was suddenly found by the inspiration. As usually, it comes when it is least expected, but you can never turn this generous offer down – you need to take it. So, I did: got my canvas ready, laid out tubes of acrylic paint; opened the window and took a grasp of fresh crispy air. That moment I knew—it is time to create.

Art doesn’t ask and doesn’t take much, it loves honesty and commitment and is very generous with variety of results and goals you can achieve. Art loves passion and emotions and it does not like to hide in dark dusty cabinets or cupboards. Art loves the light!

I found myself experimenting with simple patterns for home décor couple of years ago. Since then I prefer to create décor canvas myself rather than buy one from the store. Today I will guide you through simple yet sophisticated DIY: flower painting. To make it happen you need such simple and fairly reasonable materials that you can get from any hobby store, or in my case The Works:

  • Canvas
  • Set of brushes
  • Acrylic paint

I got it all for about 10 pounds (it was a 4 set of canvas) and it should last me for good length of time.

First thing to do: choose your basic color. My favorite shade of the season is lemon yellow, so I will go for it. Paint the base in your chosen color, blend it with the same temperature color or, in my case, white. For the background try to choose a color that would be soft enough, in contrast with the main object or in a color scheme that will compliment the object. Don’t be afraid to get ready and try, it looks complicated, but in the reality you will have beautiful outcome and joy for yourself.

So when the background is done, let yourself focus on the object you want to paint. Think the size, the colors, secondary and complimentary objects: composition is the heart f the painting. When you have made up your mind—let the fantasy do the job. Just to make it easier to avoid missteps or little mistakes I usually go for “under painting”, “spongy” impression of the composition that I would outline and make clear during the process.

Or, on the other hand—if you don’t feel like listening to anyone’s advice, then let it go and let your emotions speak for you! Enjoy your DIY art session!




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