Dressing up: Shoe Story Vol.1

shoes-correctOnce, couple of years ago I have heard  one man, that I knew, speaking about friends and people surrounding him. He was brutal and honest in his expressions, comparison was simple: every person is like a piece of medicine. Some are sweet like a cough syrup, some you can take as often as vitamin C and some are essential like a dose of heavy drugs. Truth is, no matter who or what you are— we all have “side effects”. From hectic “Drama Queen” temper to a peaceful literature fetish, some get involved with collecting coins, cars, lovers… This lady does shoes.

You might ask why and I might guess to answer: shoes are your dearest friends. They make you feel amazing every time you wear them, they are flattering your appearance, they never talk back, they won’t cheat or run to another lady. They are simply yours. Yours FOREVER.

As much as I thought I was a shoe geek, nothing can compare to Regina. From burgundy to sunset red, from kitten heels to 6” stilettos, any shape, any occasion, any style, you name it—she has it. But, of course, no one speaks better than master about his work:

“My shoes are mirroring my emotions! Depending on how I feel that day – you will know by looking at my shoes. Unlike some people, I am one of those who is very vocal about their emotional state. If am upset – oh hell everybody is bound to know about it! And if am happy – be sure you will know it too!

Coming from a girl who had about 200 pairs of shoes…and we are talking nothing less than 3 inch heels, and now roughly about 25 to 30, better still I haven’t bought a pair of shoes in like forever. I can definitely relate my emotional state comparing to my shoe collection from then and now. Every pair I used to buy back then made me feel good made me feel a little special. And so I thought! All those shoes looked good I can’t deny that, but the accumulation was only trying to fill emptiness. One was never enough, because the euphoria only lasted a minute. I was buying them because it meant I had something to be excited about every week or month. But the satisfaction never came. And I must say lucky are those that have inherited pieces of my shoe collection, because those babies were too cute. Could turn you into Cinderella!!!

The Cinderella syndrome is what I call the feeling, the attempt, the belief  that you need a shoe to turn you into something magical. Truth is, it lasts only for a few hours and then deflate you back to what you think you are not!! Bottom line is: shoes, clothes or whatever else you are buying too much of – just reflects your emotional state. I was depressed, lonely, trying to adjust into a new role and big old city and the compulsive purchase of these shoes in my opinion explains that phase. Now so many years later, my shoes are ones that are comfortable, can go with any outfit, I can wear to work or hitting the town, and you would think they were different shoes. Why? Because I make the shoes look good, and not the other way around. Yes I am 5’3 small, but I love my height. You won’t catch me in flat shoes as much ,but that doesn’t mean I dislike myself. All a shoe is – an accessory. You buy one because it fits into your personality. “Four plus” inch heels for me match my bold and overbearing self, and I say that in the sweetest sense. My few pairs of flats consist of some “bad ass” army boots, just to warn you that I might be a pint size, but I still have an attitude! My pumps that are a simple suede, very plain and yet elegant; and last but not least: 2 pairs of trainers, a pair of chocolate wrap willies and some warm winter boots. My colors being browns, reds, oranges and blacks again sums up the tone I am at emotionally. (I won’t go into a lecture on colors and meanings here).

I mention the flat shoes in precision description only because I don’t just buy any kind of flat shoes. They have to mirror me and have to fit into my aura . They are ‘Sweet, sassy, warm and cool, but trust me these shrink shoes (as i call them), don’t make me no make me no fool!! And that, my friends, gives you an insight to who I am!!!

All in all, this is an introduction to my Cinderella syndrome. I will feature a few pairs in coming articles individually and they will all have a story of their own…all fictional of course. But next time you see that shoe winking at you and you are tempted to buy it…ask yourself  “WHY?!”

On the cover: Regina’s Red Faith golden heeled stilettos.

What is Your shoes story? And can a girl have too many shoes?

xo xo, always,



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