I was here: Over the ocean

P1070588If you are not ready to change traditional old style chocolate truffles for jelly beans, strong Italian espressos to filtered coffee and national cuisine to fast food burgers then you have nothing to do in USA. It is not bad; don’t get me wrong, it is just very different.

And before we start, lets be honest – Europeans are “picky nationalists” that are hardly tolerant to other traditions and ways of life. They are proud of their country history and are happy to stick to well known rules. It perfectly fits in old good Europe, but not here, not in America. One of the things that Europeans perhaps need to learn from Americans is to open their minds and accept things as it comes and goes easily, without restricting it by traditional aspects and cultural identity.

One of the most important things is that in USA you don’t really feel that pressure that you feel back in Europe. The pressure that I am talking about is about achievement and education, restrictive values. We are not kept in family house till we are 25, but at the same time there is so much waited for us, and sometimes it can really crush you down. In this sense in America I feel freer with my own life and decisions, also opinions, but you shall be careful with all that freedom that you have been given. It can really blow you away.




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