Dressing up: for London

Dressing up 2One of the all-time fashion magazine editors-in-chief said: ” Once you have your heels on and the best looking dress you could possibly have, suddenly, all world looks different. It starts to respond, sympathize and adore you! Suddenly life seems so easy-breezy and you’re ready to fall in love”.

Fair enough to say that it all depends on your state of mind, but once you put those high heels on – oh, God, pavement turns into the Red Carpet! You would be surprised what kind of magic those shoes can do. While others say that clothing is just a necessity, I say it is a beautiful necessity. You don’t need to be arrogant, you don’t need to be high about yourself, just be who you are and use clothing as a reflection of your wonderful inner-self. Dressing up 1

This weekend I was lucky to spend in London with my best friend – Nataly. Since it was her birthday – a reason deserving to be dressed up. Love the floral prints of the season, the ones like here. Love the leather look skater skirts, like here.

Hope you enjoy the idea of the look! Have any thoughts? Let me know what you think!




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