Catching up: Gastronomy Discovery!


I believe I am not the only one out there who can eat non-stop and pretty much everything. Does not matter if that is a high-end restaurant with steakes served in med-rare or casual fast food chain; if I fancy it – I will eat there. Some time ago I spotted Pret-A-Manger and since then was craving to try it! Happy to say: “Today was the day!”

Well, well, well… where to start from. First of all, I do like to know the story behind the food I eat. Needless to say that small french cafes are my all time favorites, T.G.I.Friday’s is in the TOP5, McDonald’s is a legend for me, Starbucks – ahhh… Well, I never say “No” to a good story, this time my absolute “YES” goes to Pret. Clean and delicious, fresh and served with a smile – that’s my sandwich and Tuna salad from Pret today. Not to mention that green tea with ginger scents got me on the hook.

Everything organic, made up-to-date – worth attention and is a bit pricey. Would not eat there every day, since I like my fingers to be chopped off while cooking at home, but I definitely will treat myself with Pret once in a while.

Have I mentioned a good story?! Here you go one  – Pret A Manger French expansion




3 thoughts on “Catching up: Gastronomy Discovery!

    1. I like the concept and an absolute reason why I will return: it does look like their staff members actually enjoy working there – and that is a good sign. Although, I can not wait to go back to Northern Quarter, Manchester to enjoy some more of the random cafes.


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