Catching up: Good morning, Planet!

good morningRise and shine – it is time to kick-start your morning, as I did today! It does not take much, in fact, just couple of extra moves – and you will see the difference.

1. I love food! I love my food to be delicious! I do love start my morning with delicious breakfast, not always I do have a time for that. So, today is the day for fresh fruit bowl: mangoes, pears, plums and apples. My all time favorites. Since I am always voting for a quick cooking process – simply chopped fruits for me will do, but here you will find some sophisticated, yet simple enough recipes to indulge yourself. Not to mention that this is my personal choice No1 for culinary recipes!

2. Sounds awkward, but… smile to yourself in the mirror. After all it is a new day, fresh start. You deserve a little self-affirmation! Now, this little girl has all the guts in the world, and apparently over 13 millions views on youtube. Alike her, I do have my own little morning ritual moves, and believe me, it is a super-charger for a good day.

3. And even if something goes wrong remember this: “The early bird may get the worm, but it’s the second mouse who gets the cheese.”― Steven Wright

Smile to the world and let it smile back at you, xo xo




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