I was here: Crazy Aruba

aruba1I remember the day: million miles away from home, early in the morning I woke up…somewhere in the Caribbean. Guess what?! Happy I was to visit Aruba. I believe Your first thoughts about Caribbean are: “Wow, beaches, buzz and parties!”. I am sorry to say, but You are so WRONG. Yes, it forms biggest part of tourism industry, but if you choose to stand out of the crowd – these islands have so much to show: nature, beauty, peace… I say, if you travel Caribbean – go exploring, go wild, or go home!

Aloe Vera, well you know, one of those plants that everyone likes to grow on their window sills… How big does it usually get? Five, ten, fifteen (if you’re lucky) centimeters tall? Well, the reason why I mentioned Caribbean flora is simple – nowhere else in the world I have ever seen such a huge (I mean, enormous) Aloe Vera plants! Smallest leaves are probably in the size of my arms, can you imagine? First time in my life I got to see Eucalyptus and Cashew tree. Sounds exciting? Hell yeah!

It is essential to have a good tourist guide or be prepared on your own with the list of places and things to see. My “things to do” list included visiting cactus fields and Natural Bridge. I was lucky to get on the tour with very experienced and open-minded guide. Both of the requests were ticked off!

Funny, but did you know that in Aruba it barely rains ever? I believe I heard that they have only 2-3 rainy days a year. Well, surprise. Yes, I brought rain to this Caribbean heaven-on-Earth and it made me feel a little special. I was almost washed away by extremely heavy rain and those massive waves when visiting Natural Bridge, but one way or another it is a must see. You will be mesmerized by this nature scene, water is so graceful and so close – tempting to jump in and enjoy. The texture of the Natural Bridge is rocky, and all in all it is a bit of a dangerous place – but worth to see. Even right now it brings back some amazing memories and this feeling like you’re standing on the edge of the world!

Another destination – California Lighthouse. The most interesting part about this lighthouse is the way towards it. You will see houses and shelters of native inhabitants, representation of life cycle back in the days – interesting insight on the life of the island. Lighthouse itself – just a building.

If you happen to be left with a bit of a time on your hands – I would say go and try some local foods, you can find some street food markets right in the city. Skip Hard Rock cafe and McDonald’s and try some unusual flavors of Caribbean cuisine!

There is more than just a hand full of reasons why to visit Caribbean. All I would like to say – traveling opens your eyes and makes your soul wiser!

Some people plan their Wedding ceremony in Aruba – take a look over here!

Enjoy the weather,





12 thoughts on “I was here: Crazy Aruba

    1. I actually got them years ago and still have them. It was a shop, back in Europe, called Promod (French, I believe?!). Anyway, the link is down below – http://www.promod.eu/

      They do some nice fashion if you want to stand out a bit πŸ™‚ I am happy that you enjoyed the post! πŸ˜‰


      1. A couple Christmases ago. My trip was a little more vacation-y than yours I suspect. I mostly laid on the beach, but we did spend a couple days bombing around in a Jeep. If you ever go again, definitely rent a jeep. Off roading on the sand dunes is a lot of fun.


      2. You see, when reading my other travel notes, you will notice that I am more an active traveler and spending time in splendid resorts is not my kind of thing. Although, everyone has their own ways. Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed I will return to Aruba!


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