Today is The Day: British inspired

SAM_0267One of those day when you get off work early, when sun is shining, you put your sunglasses on while singing “What a wonderful world!”. Yes, this kind of day was Today and I could not miss it out by sitting indoors. SO, I grabbed my canvas, paints and brushes, headed into my back yard garden and started little art extravaganza. Keep on reading!

This time I wanted to create something very sweet, cartoon like, yet something that would remind me of little precious moments: like my childhood or favorite tail/book. While sitting in the garden, surfing in my head for ideas and sipping my tea – inspiration hit me! Alice In Wonderland and Mad Hatters tea party – that is the topic of the canvas for today.

Yes, it is supposed to look so very girly and cartoon like. Yes, I am not the greatest artist, but I do love to use canvas as creative outlet, so do not rush to judge – just enjoy!

Thank you, have a wonderful evening,




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