Dressing up: British summer


black'n'maxiFirst of all: yes, I am being sarcastic about British summer. There is no such thing. Oh, God, I wish I am wrong, lets hope for that. Second – never in my life I had more than one black color piece in my closet. For some reason I just could not stand it: black and white were colors of protest. But time goes and we grow up, so did I. Here we go – nicely paired up early summer outfit. Plus it does the trick, it is as good in the evening as it is during the day time. Maxi length is also very comforting, same as trousers only looks a bit more feminine. Bohemian enough to go out on Saturday night for a glass of Riesling or Pinot Grigio.

Enjoy the spring/summer breeze!

Here is what they say about summer trends – Maxi dresses and how to make the most of them (ezibuy.co.nz) or Summer trending. (lessenziale.org)





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