Today is The Day: Make the list and hit the streets. Action!

a day in manchesterAction is what distinguishes the idea from project, dream from reality and those many crazy thoughts in your head that may never see the day light. Truth is – I am the person of action, but it takes extra self-organizational skills to do the right things at proposed time instead of running around in the circles (yes, happens sometimes). So I made it to be my little habit, for quite a long time I have been making my “to-do-lists”. Very handy thing: makes you feel obligated to do what you have planned, as the outcome – you make your dreams come true!

We all know: it takes time, hard work and patience to move forward and keep progressing. Not all of us tend to remember that; my chemistry teacher used to say: “It takes 1% of talent and 99% of sweat to become genius!”. I stick to this quote and choose to work hard. So today is the mini version of a “New Year’s resolution list”, let’s get it started:

1) Be clutter free. Oh, if you are my friend – you know for sure that I hate outdated stuff, clothing that stays around for the sake of it, home appliances that are never used and all other stuff that makes me breath harder. So this month is going to be clutter free month, after all – summer is knocking on the door! They say: “One man’s trash is another man treasure”, so will put some stuff on and will make my friends happy with closet swaps.

2) Art. Art. Art. My passion is to create beautiful things in life and for life. And like it or not, without practice talent fades away (I am not claiming I have one) and we all know that practice makes perfect. So I made sure my canvas are ready, and brushes are cleaned. This month I need to get back into routine of making beautiful paintings!

3) Eating habits. Everyone knows – if someone is baking cookies at 2am in the morning, or inviting you for cup of tea and delicious carrot pie then it is definitely me! Since I moved I haven’t baked/cooked anything for ages – it needs to be fixed. My next promise – to get back on the horse of mastering baking goods and eating healthy! Had a plan of making today my own very-special-secret-recipe New York cheesecake – will see how far will I get. Check for following post tonight!

4) Dear,dear friends. Sometimes life tends to get hectic and very frustrating, busy and fast-moving. So fast, that sometimes I fail to pay enough attention to my close friends and beloved ones. It is a great mistakes, and I never meant to undervalue any of  surrounding me people! Will fix it, I promise!

Off to follow my “to-do-list”,

And yes, finally a sunny day in Manchester!





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