Dressing up: Birth right for shoes. Obsession Vol.2

Shoe bananza

Ladies, don’t you agree – we all have a birth right for shoes! Now summer is here and I can pull out some of my all-time favorites. Yes, as every other one of us, I am a shoe geek: quality, design, comfort that is The value of every shoe pair I own. Lets see what we have here and I hope, if your summer shoe rack still has some vacancies, it will enlighten you with useful ideas! Off we go with “shoe bananza”.

Do you own five, ten, maybe fifteen pairs of shoes? Is it a lot? And how much is too much? Well, my friend, petite British lady – she lives next doors, used to own over 200 pairs. When we first collaborated to write a-part-number-one of the shoe story (here) she admitted, that every time she would head to town for shopping marathon “those shoes would just wink at me, and I had no other choice but to buy those babies”. Agreed, shoes match with words like temptation, passion, obsession and hundreds of bank notes spend. To avoid that, but still have an impressive choice of shoes to wear for almost any occasion in life, I have some trick up my sleeve.

1) Don’t be arrogant and too high about yourself – take your time to use www.ebay.com and www.amazon.com, www.asos.com and every other possible discounter. I usually prefer all time classics, so what I normally would do: wait until current season’s sale starts and pick my favorites for anything but over 15 pounds. Classic fashion and style is and will be there for couple of decades more, proven.

2) Quality matters. You might be tempted to buy cheap canvas shoes, but then the wear life is ridiculously short. Try to get good quality leather shoes, you would be surprised how professional, sophisticated and neat it does look. Another great benefit – these shoes will serve you a long life.

The absolute “must have” of the season are nude shoes. Does not matter flats or heels; nude or beige can match with almost everything. My choice was to buy Carvela studded flats. If to be honest, for last three years I got a little bit tired of flowers and bows on the front of every flat pump I see in the stores, so an interesting knot design on these Cravela’s was also a win-win.

Animal print. Same story: leopard print is just too worn out, and as of me – it looks tacky in the presentation of the outfit or style. More interesting, a bit fresher idea and a good substitute for leopard print is zebra pattern. Staccato made these adorable shoes out of very gentle suede material, besides: pattern differs on each shoe! Try this idea out, it looks great for summer parties and nights out.

Here we go with my all-time shoes. I had this pair of Bata for almost forever. I believe for 4 or 5 years now. They still remain in prefect condition, the look is still gorgeous and I just can not get enough of it! Materials are suede and leather, as proven – it does the job.

Show me the girl who does not dream of having pair of Karen Millen? For me it is a fair alternative of having extremely expensive Manolo shoes (hope I will afford them some day), besides design of Karen Millen is breath-taking: bright colors, interesting outlook and 3-inch heel promises a comfortable wear. Give it a try – you wont regret it!

And, nowadays, every wardrobe should have a special retro department. Every shoes rack, too. So my choice was the River Island for these ivory peep toe heels. Perfect for summer days, made from real leather and with that cute bow in the front they really DO look retro.

Enjoy summer breeze and show off those beautiful legs, after all – it is summer time!



I told you it is a must have, they say it too: Nude Shoes – The Must Have For Your Closet (plumgirlsadventures.wordpress.com)



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