Today is The Day: Instagram vs Polaroid

Polaroid 1

It is a well-known fact that we are Internet based generation, but somehow I find myself spotting that nowadays people rather go retro, then modern. Is it a tension of new young culture, or a simple trend? Curiosity grows – retro approach is being found everywhere: fashion, business and now in “era of digital photography”. Battle between Instagram and Polaroid might have just started…

Here is my city… Polaroid’ed!Polaroid 4

First of all, “Polaroid” is just a generalization! Do your research and you would be surprised how many companies actually developed and produced new editions of instant photo cameras. The one I am using is Instax by Fujifilm and I had it for over a year now. I must say that film sets are a bit pricey, but if you find a great deal on ebay you can still enjoy your “Polaroid” moment without breaking a piggy bank.

The idea behind my purchase of Polaroid camera was that it could be a unique and very creative way how to pass the message about my traveling destinations to my friends. As you may already know – I am a huge fan of postcards, but sometimes my heart is craving for something more personalized. That is where instant photo camera steps in.

Polaroid 2.

Not as petite as your digital camera (actually quite bulky), but worth the burden – instant photo camera provides you with one of a kind moments captured and made right away: no Photoshop, no adjustments, no cropping. Everything as it is in real life. A little escape from over-dramatized Instagram and many other apps for mobile phones and tablets; a well deserved old school toy. So when you have a story to tell – try to express it via “instant lens”! Just give it a try!

And the best: there is not even a single chance that you can make those ironic Instagrammed self-portraits with instant camera. You are simply not going to dare to ruin this much of the film sets!

I might be acting insane – but for me discovery of modern instant camera is almost a magic; sweet memories of a childhood, back to the time when I could not figure out how photo can scroll out of the camera right away (silly me).

Polaroid 5

That day when I went on the streets of Manchester to take couple of pictures here and there I was approached by many people wondering where did I get this retro piece. Surprised they were to know that this is absolutely brand new  instant photo camera.

At the end of the day we all have some basic knowledge of picture formatting and we adjust our digital photographs almost every time, so isn’t it a challenge to try Polaroid?

I did enjoy my “magic moment day” by taking pictures and looking all awkward; all pictures that are presented here are instant camera made and have not been adjusted.

Polaroid 3

Let me see – Pose for Polaroid (

I have told you so – Nowadays, Polaroid has returned to our lives. (




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