DIY: Easy advert design

4 thoughts on “DIY: Easy advert design”

    1. It is certainly fun, the only thing – I never did calligraphy, so this is, I must say, my first attempt! And, thank you. If you ever visit the Mayfield bar at Piccadilly train station – you might see these there.


      1. Great first attempt! I never learnt calligraphy and I’ve always preferred to make up my own handwriting styles. To be honest, I find the fancier people get with their writing on blackboards, the less effective it actually is to understand – especially when you are just glancing walking past.


      2. You are absolutely right – sometimes I need a couple of moments to actually understand what is written on the board/poster/advert. And then I can easily find myself annoyed while trying to figure out what is written. You are right!


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