I was here: Going loco in Costa Rica!

Now enjoy this article on a travel blog of Costa Rica! xxx Alisa

Costa Rica Blog Network .com

Featured Writer: Go Ask Alisa’a Alisa (visit Go Ask Alisa’s Blog)


Speechless and silent, mesmerized I was walking along the beach line in Costa Rica. Million miles away from home, on another continent, absolutely alone – it was the day when I turned 21. To be precised – it was 6th of March. Day when the World saw Michelangelo and  Nicolai Rimski-Korsakov, and me too.

First step I took on this shutter land made me feel like an explorer, like Columbus discovering something that no one have ever seen before. Palms, ocean, unseen flora and fauna, weird animals, local cuisine and unbelievable amounts of coffee! I was surprised and astonished by diversity of this country, I was lucky enough to explore both sides: poor and rich, the contrast I saw made me feel for this country. My visit to Puntarenas was short but very intense.

If to be honest, it…

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