Today is The Day: Cheers for BarBurrito!

     They say smile doesn’t cost you a fortune, but so often we fail to express even the slightest sign of sympathy. They say “Thank you” can make a difference, but it seems that people have forgotten these little things that have the true influence in life. Now the whole world is about BIG things: big politics, big sports, big money. They also say (this quote belongs to Mohandas Gandhi) , if you want to change the world – start with yourself!

          Today I am more than happy to express my gratitude and say “Thank you” to one of the local food and beverage businesses that I believe deserves recognition. BarBurrito it is! Not only they deliver great service to their customers and their Burritos really are finger-licking-good, but also as a business they are amazing to work with. The philosophy and meaning that stands behind every process makes you proud of a fresh and clean, gently prepared product. They start from scratch EVERYDAY! I had this pleasure to experience it on my own and would like to say that you guys, the team of every BarBurrito out there, are making great difference between good and amazing, and I truly hope that company will be greatly expanding!

Here is my little “Thank You” that I dropped off the other day at Piccadilly Gardens store!

barburrito canvas

All the best and I hope it puts smile on your face!




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