Catching up: July babies Regina and Alvaro

       Gina and AlvaroI believe Birthday is a special day, day when whole world of your surroundings is revolving round you, day when you get to be so special, day when you definitely need to thank your Mom and Dad!

       This month we were celebrating birthdays of two very special people I was so lucky to get to know, neighbors that became friends: Regina and Alvaro. And yet our culture might be so different, but nothing brings people closer than a good meal – our destination of the evening was Red Hot World buffet. Pleasant place where to be, I should say that it was pretty clean food wise (a big “will eat here again” factor for me) and oh! they had a chocolate fountain. Have you ever questioned why they never have chocolate fountains at the wedding catering? Well, I have the answer, you should have seen me: all in chocolate and happy. As the name of the buffet says it really features food from different parts of the world, and pretty good food. All in all: evening was beautiful and even the grumpy waiter who paid zero attention to us did not spoil the atmosphere of a celebration. Of course my very poor Spanish was the joke of the evening and outgoing personalities of all the guests made everyone feel welcomed.

       Anyway guys, below you will find a little photo update and one more time: “Happy Birthday!”




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