Catching up: Short story. Status

      Recently I discovered this very interesting creativity outlet for a “wanna-be” writers, and decided to take part in one of their Wednesdays write-ins. As this short story is super short, I hope you will forgive me. Other than that I will be happy if you enjoy!

        At first it was drizzling and raining, then danging, and drum rolling, rumbling and sparkling; seemed like someone decided to empty all reservoirs of natures water on a poor London. Nothing new, it was raining, in fact,  it is always raining down there. As many others, she was sitting in doors, with a cup of Earl Grey, in front of the computer, twisting her mind inside and out and trying to develop something: a line, or maybe two, some quote or random saying, maybe lyrics from the song, or a proverb? While roaming through endless words and sentences, she really could not see that her beautiful mind and soul were in starvation for some quality food. Something that would make her thoughts race faster and creativity splash! But no, she could not see it, she could only think in one direction making her body sweat under the levels of pressure, while sitting and doing nothing. What was it? What could possible cause so much of an irritation? What caused this disturbia?

“Life is boring, it’s raining outside” – that’s what she wrote as a status on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Catching up: Short story. Status

    1. Thank you for the feedback! Means a lot to me, and I love to describe certain events using repeating sounds in different description words, in this case it was rain and thunder storm, so a lot of “dr, d, r, g” sounds were used.


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