Today is The Day: VIVA LAS VEGAS!

        Not that I am being superstitious, nor am I trying to be overly protective – I simply prefer to not to say “hop” until I have jumped. I am happy to say that 10h flight with 2h delay, paramedics on board, passenger panic attack, laud British stag party boys and what not, is finally over and I can enjoy this beautiful and early morning being at home  with my significant other! Life is beautiful and I am simply the happiest girl ever!

The country of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s and cowboys, and the city of all cities – here we go! Las Vegas – the city where all America comes to play, gamble and enjoy all the sins of earthy life; for most of you it is a fabulous vacation destination, for some of us – it is home.

There it is, a collage made after me and Jared visited Las Vegas for the first time and fell in love with the city. Previous trip was dedicated to one very special occasion – we were celebrating a wedding of my school-time friend. It was intense, interesting and inspiring trip and as a result we decided to prolong our “relationship” with the city.


Okay, I will wrap up my excitement about being home and shall introduce you to someone very special, our little Simba:


The other day he was left on the porch in front of our door, Jared took him home and since then this lovable kitty is a part of the family!

Well, I love to do arts, painting, sewing, anything crafty and creative, you name it – I am on it. But I could only dream about my own art room where I could have all the tools and canvas, sewing appliances and projects. I believe it is The Best present I have ever had – now I have such a room! Jared managed to keep it in a secret and if to be honest – it was very unexpected! When we were moving, I needed to give away my easel and my sewing machine was sold, because it all were to bulky and way too expensive to take with us. It used to make me sad often enough, but not anymore – this happy girl has her own art room and the best man EVER! There it is, on a photo below, my amazing new easel and very advanced sewing machine. He even supplied the work desk with paints and brushes, glue gun, craft paper and oh-my-God-what-not. Now, the whole house is mine to decorate! Can not wait!


Have a great Monday everyone,


Happiest girl ever, Alisa


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