DIY: A touch of the ocean – decor for bathroom

       Words can not describe how much I am in love with American Hobby Lobby, so the day after landing and stepping of the plane we went on a treasure hunt to find some interesting ideas for bathroom decoration. You might think: who would put a painting in the bathroom? Well, the thing is – our bathroom is big and spacious, so it is literally asking for something to fill the space.

       A soon as my eye was caught by a pack of sea shells I knew it – panting of the ocean it is! It came out a little abstract, but just as I wanted. One little detail – sea shell glue, make sure you have it. It is not the first time I am working with sea shells and believe me – gluing them is a pain, mostly because of their glossy and smooth surface. Besides, specialized sea shell glue is waterproof which is a good thing considering high humidity of the location.

A touch of the oceanWell, have a sunny Wednesday and I hope you enjoy!

P.S.: Let’s see how others did it:  How to Decorate a Small Bathroom ( and Real Sea Shell Jewelry Tutorials (




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