Catching up: Broken computer and late night art

        Most of us can not imagine life without technology: computers, cell phones and tablets. Believe me, life without technology actually exists and the past week is a proof for that. Clumsy me was walking around the room, tripped and landed my freshly brewed peppermint tea on the computer. All of it. On the laptop. Liquid. Peppermint tea. OMG.

       As a result of this major catastrophe I thought I was left out of the loop of life for past week, and only yesterday I got my computer back, safe and sound. Most of you are probably well aware that social networks, internet and simply work that involves computers is very time consuming matter. Yes it is, indeed! I wont say that my self management deserves gold medal for excellence, but I am very good on time-keeping and self discipline, I get my business done in quick and efficient manner and I usually do not struggle with meeting my own dead-lines. Well, this week without a laptop sure did show me that my personal time can be managed in even more sufficient  manner and I am glad I learned the lesson.

Luckily I had enough canvas and paints in stock to do some art work and be crafty, see the late night art below:


Now I am all back on the track, so keep posted!





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