DIY: Art encouragement from my Dad

        When I was about 5-6 years old I desperately wanted to be an artist. I do not know what kind of birds I had in my head, but being an artistic soul was everything I could think of! Sadly, but looking back I remember myself realizing that I wasn’t blessed with any particular creativity art wise. It was devastating for such a little emotional kid as I was. Desperation for art, hunger for sophisticated material, obsession with worlds best master pieces was growing and I was lucky to have a loving and caring parent by my side. My Dad.

There I was, sitting down with my Dad twice a week, doing some little art projects and making my insanely big dream come true one step at a time. It meant a lot to me; I was a little kid with big eyes, full of encouragement an honest faith. He made me realize, that most of us are not gifted with genius or talent, but it is not something you need to suffer from. He showed me, that persistence is what really matters, that most of the things are teachable and that state of geniality might be reached through hard work and sweat.

Since then, I never doubted myself on creating and expressing myself. After all, we only live once! Create pieces for yourself, don’t mind judgement and remember that Michelangelo’s and Leonardo’s happen to history once per century… and there is nothing shameful of just being yourself, even in art!

One of the little art projects we did with my dad was “Forest in fall”. I found one of the drawings this afternoon, when I was going through some old memories and sorting out my childhood’s stuff. I saw it and it made me think of my Dad, how much he did for me and how much he deserves a little “Thank You” for encouragement, that guided me all these years.

The recreated “Forest in fall” for my dad, for all the wonderful things he did for me!





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