I was here: Fabulous Las Vegas, but not as you know it

          Believe it or not, but I could never imagine Las Vegas being the city of where to live, form a family, work and enjoy any other aspect of a normal life. It was then; now, when we have actually decided to live there, everything is different. You see, I would never think of Paris as a city where to live. For me it is all about Eiffel Tower and Louvre, romance and freshly baked croissants. Mortal peasants don’t really belong to the majestic grace of Paris. Going back to Las Vegas, I shall say this city deserves a proper treasure hunt and I am fully on it. So far, I will give you a quick insight idea and sneak-peak of where have we been and what we saw.

          I am Russian and I always will be. I might find it easy and entertaining, might as well fulfilling, to adopt to new countries and societies, but my heritage, culture and mentality always wins over. Of course, ideally I would like to drag a little piece of Russia everywhere I go, as a reminder of who I am and where I originated from.  Knowing that I am on an impossible mission, Jared did his research and, surprisingly, discovered a Russian community in Las Vegas. Our guess was that this community revolves around one of the biggest Eastern European markets in Vegas, and that is what we aimed to find out. Funny as it is, but I never thought that I would find something like this in…. Las Vegas:RU food in vegas

             I am glad we did find this place on 3301 S Jones Blvd, now I know where to get my Russian food provisions. Speaking of food delights, my man took me out to one of the finest French restaurants in Vegas  – Alize at the Palms. The service was amazing, meal and presentation of it was impressive, and the  view of the Strip as the sun was going down – oh! If you wont take my word, read some glowing reviews here –  http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g45963-d422665-Reviews-Alize_at_the_Palms-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html One of the best romantic dinner ideas you could ever have!

             Apart from that, those 7 days were full of fun and love, and family moments filled with happiness. I got to know our cat:


Enjoyed the swimming pool:


Had a dinner at T.G.I.Friday’s (of course): SAM_0761

Went shopping for crafts to the Hobby lobby and enjoyed some kart racing!

Back to the Royal Land now, missing my significant other…

Have a great beginning of the week everyone,




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