“Someone like you”

      Sometimes truth can be found in most unexpected places.  We might search for it in books, movies, wisdom of years but a phrase, that was dropped without any special intention and excessive ambitions, might resolve your hunt. Recently, one of my friends, knowing that I was going through a hard time in life, said: “It always seemed funny to me that sad songs are the ones that heal and get you through the break-up. In sad songs you find the answers. In sad songs you find the peace of mind. Sad songs are the guiding stars. Not the happy ones”. And I shall say he was completely right. These songs were written for a reason, it was someone’s experience, and yet we may have different reasons and causes for our heart-breaks, but at the end it still hurts the same. Exactly the same.

       It also made me realize that a good sad song can make my tears break through and I can sit there like a little baby and… cry. Silly, but before I took it as a sign of weakness. Something that was inappropriate for public to see; something, that might hurt the way you’re taken in the society. Bullshit. It does not matter. At least for me. Tears is just a form of expressing your emotions  and when it hurts like hell, believe me, it is normal to drop a tear or two.

         I wish I could have realized a lot of things beforehand. Unfortunately, life happens without a “two weeks notice”.




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