World needs more Love Letters

So, tell me, when was the last time you did something good for a random person or helped someone on the street? Or granted someone this splendid smile of yours? It sure does not cost a fortune, does it?

SAM_1217Well, but to me, for some reason it always seemed like a top of the arrogance to commit to the charity or good deeds only for the sake of Christmas or Easter. Don’t get me wrong, it is sure appreciated no matter what time of the year you do it. But in my humble opinion, I think it would be much greater if we would pay attention for those in need not only when the religion and society is urging us, but simply because of the kindness.

Thinking of some good deeds to do? Well, here is the idea – write some love letters! I just finished a small stack of those yesterday and after getting all my heart on the paper, in beautiful handwriting, expressing my thoughts and sharing experience with those, who might need your cheering affirmation, I headed to the post office to make sure my love letters would reach the final destination. It felt wonderful, and it does not cost a fortune, although for someone it might serve as a great helping hand. Remember, words carry a great power of wisdom, so get yourself together and share some!

Anyway, I would be happy if some of you could take a look, here is the information –




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