Make a decision and own it!

4 thoughts on “Make a decision and own it!”

  1. Well done! This piece is something I can really relate to. I think we all know what ‘treasured pain’ feels like, and the sense of masochism we feel when we can’t help revisiting it. I love the positive note at the end.


    1. I think that all of us have some pains in life, that would be best to let go, but we can’t. It seems to grow into our personalities. Making well-known saying so true: “What happened to me before, makes me who i am right now”. I enjoyed your feedback – thank you!


  2. This is very profound. I liked the repetition of the ‘they’. I really liked the comparisons drawn between the pains of birth as the beginning of new life and heartache as the end of something (if it’s the end of a relationship especially since that potential new life won’t happen). Really makes the reader think. Well done.


    1. Thank you for your feedback, I highly value when the thought that my brain has spit out finds its destination and makes people think. And yes, heartache is the end, because… you can’t stay in a relationship when love hurts. Someone once told me that true love never hurts…


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