Yesterday was The Day: Sinister Halloween at the Sin City

          Halloween has passed, light sugar candy hangover slept away and now is the time to review yesterday’s night. We went to see and partly participate at the Las Vegas Halloween Parade, it wasn’t as s[spectacular as I would expect it to be, not as energizing, but it was still fun and creative enough to give a good kick-off to the Halloween night! My past week revolved around creating a costume for myself, from scratch – to make an atmosphere of a true scary-tale, not something generic from the local costume shop.

            So my costume choice was Little Red Riding Hood that turned to look more like a Snow whites outfit from a Snow White and the Huntsman. Well, it proves my words one more time, that sometimes outcome is better than the original idea. People on the streets asked if they could take pictures of it, and it made every struggle to be worth it! I was very happy with my costume and all I needed for the evening to be magical is to find my Prince Charming.SAM_1275



            I also understood that I am still not a woman who can rock that bloody red lipstick, that I still have that cute childish attitude towards holiday events and, that I still have loads of my personal stuff to work on.

           On the other hand, as the Halloween was approaching, my mind was full with daring and extravagant thoughts. Everything, that seemed miles away from what I would usually do, now was knocking on my door and asking to be tried out and explored. Not that in everyday life I am a grey mouse, NO! But who really goes around and announces that you like a bit of a twist, maybe slight S&M and you’re up for being a whole lot of trouble? That’s right – nobody! Just please, don’t think that I am some crazy sadomasochistic weirdo, I really did use that one as an example.  Well, what place could be better than the most well-known sin city in the States and Cirque Du Soleil performers that make your eyes lit up? So I dared to buy tickets for Zumanity, an erotic show for lovers, and I dared to drag along someone very special. The show was sexy, tricky, erotic enough, but not too exposed, not too detailed on those parts that you would rather keep locked in the bedroom. It thrilled me, especially going to see it with someone who is very significant to you. Whew! It rocked my world! At some points, of course, I needed to turn away, breathe it out, close my eyes and not look at the stage. But oh well, I stepped over myself and out of my comfort zone, and believe me – it gives you this light feeling of this unexpected escape.

            So girls, if you have anything there, behind the closed door that you wish to be let out and see the daylight – go ahead! There is nothing better and relieving to do exactly what you want. There can be possibly nothing scarier then knowing that you can not express yourself. Those who love, will accept the sizzling twist and you will love yourself even more for being brave, tough and daring!


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