My wonderful “Time Takers”

6 thoughts on “My wonderful “Time Takers””

  1. I’m speechless at how amazing you out words down, I’m not the brightest of boys let me tell you, but everything you right mesmerises me alisa!!Your one of a kind and I can’t thank life enough for bringing us together for that short period of time and sharing the laughter we had together!!One of my best memories will be us to after work in BK!Had some giggles didn’t we Hun:) Hope one day real real soon we can reunite and we can make some more fun memories. Please continue to write such amazing pieces of art. And Thankyou for sending it to me, your a true friend. Shane Xxx


    1. Oh yes, that night was a hit! 🙂 and all the talks at work, and laugh through the brakes – it was fun and inspiring. One day, and yes – that will happen soon, I will be back to the other side of the ocean and we will have some time to spend together! Miss you Shane and thank you for kind words! – A


  2. Friends are “time takers”, but, as you said, they’re definitely worth the time they take. I love my friends in ways I often can’t/don’t express enough. This post reminds me to keep working at it and letting them know how much they are appreciated and lloved. 🙂


    1. Yep, I try to not to think about it (cause I am a huge optimist), but life is a split moment and with every new day You never know what will happen. So I choose to do things in time, thanking my friends is one of them! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!


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