Let’s say it’s a poem!

SAM_1008     For the weekly write-in at Cake. Short and sweet – http://cakeshortandsweet.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/wednesday-write-in-64/. Something different on the poetry side, not the best one but still a poem. Hope you enjoy!


handful  ::  deadline  ::  birdsong  ::  headache  ::  resonate

Like a birdsong it jingled

Through my mind side to side:
“Did you tell me the truth
Or you bitterly lied?”

Did you see it all crushing?

Did you live through this pain?
Have you set up a deadline
To love and  betray?

Bottom’s approaching,

Minutes are counted,
And truth in the memories
Preciously hunted.

I search for it eagerly,

Like feast after hunger,
I creep through your mind
Like a blossoming thunder.

I go through the headache,

And heartache, and hell
Making the rule
Of “don’t ask and don’t tell!

 I stay with you, while bleeding through love!

I resonate pain, I resonate fear,
My heart is so fragile
So, don’t even dare!


5 thoughts on “Let’s say it’s a poem!

    1. Hello there, thank you! 🙂 As I said, it probably is the worst poetry you’ve ever read, but I tried… and that alone counts (blushing). And… sometimes, to get yourself back to where you belong – you need to take yourself out somewhere, where you feel like a total stranger, in this case it’s poetry for me.


      1. It’s not the worst poetry I’ve read 😉 there are a couple moments (the beginning, the h-rhythm in the end) which I think worked well. But the rhyming seems to hold you back for now. Don’t be afraid of free verse or occasional rhyming 🙂


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