7 things I learned from being a kid

     SAM_1324             Let me tell you something, childhood is so far the best part of my life! Literally – THE BEST.  I love the life that I have and I love my job (how many people can say that?!). But childhood is something special. Ironically, but I think, that everything I needed to know about life I have learned from being a kid, and playing in the sand box. Let me share some personal wisdom here:

1)Throwing together two cats that hate each other – potentially bad idea. Same as throwing together two mean chicks. Or two mean *itches. Sorry for my language, you got the idea.

2) Treat everyone same way as you would like to be treated. Simple, yet useful.

3) Love happens and then shit happens. I don’t think I need to explain it. It was the first thing that hit me hard and I learned my lesson the tough way.

4) Disasters happen. Rain will happen and your sand cakes will melt. BUT because today something did not happen your way, does not mean it is not possible tomorrow!

5) You won’t know until you try. It might be a hard rock, little shiny piece of glass or simply a dog poop. Guess all you want, but you won’t know until you try…

6) Be smart enough, to be dumb enough. Sometimes, only sometimes. In some situations it works out as a huge benefit. Haven’t tried yet? You’re missing out.

7) Pay it forward. Well, most people never learn it anyway, but it is worth to be said. Do good deeds. Do well and wish well. Period.


5 thoughts on “7 things I learned from being a kid

    1. Oh yeah, I need to check my row for today – off to do that! 🙂 As for the life stuff – we all learn our ways and lessons, the main thing is to remain a human being and do no harm to the society. Unfortunately, some don’t get that 😦
      Thanks for stopping by and be warmly welcomed over here!


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