Mad Woman. Short story.

9 thoughts on “Mad Woman. Short story.”

  1. I loved this! “We create ourselves out of our innermost intuitions”–a wise Taoist saying, and I think you’ve tapped into that with this story. Daring to wear red lipstick. Daring to be what we could only imagine about ourselves. I love the last part best, the images of red lipstick prints all over the diary–all over our bodies, our faces, our loved ones,, our life! Love it. And thanks so much for putting my story “Us, Ancient” out there.


    1. Thank you, I truly enjoyed your story as well. But I also think that it can be extremely dangerous to live in your dreams versus making your dreams reality. Everything should be in balance. In this case, her imagination got out of control and she drowned in her illusions and visions. Thank you for your feedback!


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