Retrospective of 2013. Unexpected and fickle.

             2013 was unexpected and fickle. Very.

           As there is only one day left before we wave goodbye to this year – I still don’t know what kind of twists and turns to expect. For me, this year brought a lot: new beginnings, awaited endings, amazing discoveries, painful memories and better hopes. It brought so much, that dear Santa did not have to worry about my wish list – it was more than enough already! Big beautiful burden in the length of 12 months was an exciting journey, hopefully it will be continued through the following year in a better paced manner.  And as much as I would like to go over my achievements and missteps of the passing year – I would much rather memorize those important lessons I’ve learned. Couple of true and useful advises from people who were always there for me :

1) Always see the bigger picture – there are always two sides of the story and there is never just one opinion. Whatever is the situation, good or bad, flying up high or falling down deep – always try to see the bigger picture. Knowing myself, I tend to judge by couple of little pieces, although there is a lot more of a puzzle to see.

2) You are the value for people only for what you do for them – sadly, but that’s how it is. You’re not good for them for who you are, but for what you can do or give them. Please don’t be discouraged by that, you are who you are. Instead think what people value you for, and if you enjoy it, if you do it good… well, it’s up to you.

3) Don’t forget to love yourself – never ever. NEVER. I’ve learned this the tough way  🙂

4) Actions might fade away, words will burn forever – sometimes actions speak louder than words, but don’t forget that words stick around for a very long time. I write and that’s how I express myself, when I am angry I can hurt people with words. This year I learned to bite my tongue. Useful!

5) Pay it forward – just make it a rule for yourself. Help others, care about society, get up and so something instead of  simply “feeling sorry”! You would be surprised how much can do a couple of hours of your time that you willingly volunteer for some good deeds. Unbelievable!

        As we approach 24 hour countdown before we ring in 2014 I would like to remember and see what brought us together in 2013.  And no matter what: have a wonderful New Year! Let it bring love to your house, warmth to your soul, courage to do and create! Dare to forgive mistakes and let the understanding be your guiding star this year! All the love and peace and Happy New Year!!!


9 thoughts on “Retrospective of 2013. Unexpected and fickle.

    1. Do that, girl! It’s good to see the cut of the passing year: what it was and wasn’t. To me it gives a better idea of what to expect. No matter what – every year, bad or good, brings us something. That something is hope! All the best to you in New Year of 2014! Cheers!


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