Ordinary. Magical. Eternal.

                    So it was the game night. That kind that I enjoy: with my writing friends, board games and delicious food. Apples to apples – that was the one we played. When game ended, we all had left couple of green cards on our hands and the idea was to write a short story, including these words: ordinary, magical, eternal. Here is the improvisation of the evening:

                Even the most ordinary life is worth the recognition. Who are we to judge? Who are we to assume? Nobody. But we can observe and learn. Learning is the essence of life, it is an eternal process of our beautiful minds. Something that keeps us moving, exploring, going above and beyond. Not all of us, just some.  By letting others in your life you might learn that giving birth to a child is magical, although you never gave it such a significance. That writing a book is a timeless footprint left in this world, although you never bothered your mind with it. You might see that your common facilities is something that others only pray for. Open your eyes and be thoughtful. Period.


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