I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream. Home made.

                I do a lot of hand-made and home-made stuff: clothing, accessories, elements of house decor, paintings, jewelry and of course all sorts of kitchen goodies. For this Christmas I received a wonderful gift – my very own ice cream maker (Thank You!)! Could not wait to use it, so on a Christmas day I was already jumping around with my very home-made peanut butter ice cream with Reese’s cups! Yum.

             Have a mentioned that giving your close friend or a significant person a gift made by yourself is a very special moment?! Oh yes it is, thoughtful gesture of appreciation. But most of the times I run into the problem of how to present your home-made stuff so it does look neat and professional?

             So yesterday I made this peanut butter ice cream and an apple-pineapple sorbet to bring over to a friend’s house as a treat for everyone. Could not think of a better way how to decorate those plastic containers. I used Christmas wrapping paper and couple of ribbons, also some label stickers for diet/allergy information. You can see below how it all came out:

How to decorate your home-made ice cream containers
How to decorate your home-made ice cream containers

Yes, we still have our Christmas tree around 🙂


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