“What is that?” or Chinese supermarket trip

        Yesterday “what is that?” was the question of the day as we were strolling through the isles of fruits, vegetables, seafood, noodles, tea, rice, candies and God knows what else at the local Chinese supermarket. It is sad and kind of embarrassing to admit, but some of those foods I have never heard of, have never seen and, of course, have never tried or tasted. It was a whole lot of “Wow’s!” and “Ewww’s!”, we might have been the loudest people in there.

      Fish smell from the sea food counter was just ridiculous, but apart from that I really enjoyed our trip. We bought some weird-looking mushrooms (fingers crossed my European body will be OK with that), 4 kinds of those, sea weed snacks, 2 packs of yummy mochi and some weird flavored dried squid. If to be honest – I wanted to take the whole supermarket with me, but the lack of knowledge of what exactly am I buying stopped me.

        If you’re curious – there are some interesting pictures below. Take a look and maybe you can help me out with “What is that?” question. Have a great Tuesday’s afternoon!






20140303_175517 20140303_175922



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