Useful habits. Wednesday write-in.

         After quite a long break I am making it back with this simple, easy to read piece. Nothing special at all, but it gets better as soon as you step back on your writing path. Enjoy!


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Useful habits

         They say habits are our true selves. We are the product of what we repeatedly do: it shapes us, it molds us, it favors us as well as leaves us broken.  There is no way to go around or behind it, habit is like a phoenix bird – burns first to be reborn again, in a new shape and form.

         For most of us every morning starts the same, and I am no different. I love to wake up, get my socks on (I hate cold floor!) and stumble into kitchen with my eyes still closed to put on a kettle. There is absolutely no way my perfect cup of Earl Grey will taste the same if I won’t brew it my favorite mug, the one that says: “Keep calm and make tea”. It has to be Earl Grey, it has to be this mug.

       I always drink my morning tea with milk, I never watch morning news, I eat slow and I always check my mail: electronic and the-real-one first thing in the morning. Exactly in this sequence. My habit commands that.

     This morning was different: I ran out of Earl Grey. It is like arriving to a gas station that has no matching fuel for your car. Full stop. Actually, it was not so bad, I found some cocoa powder in a pantry and it felt like I saved the day until I happened to be too hasty and spilled this hot, boiling substance on myself. Ten minutes later myself, pack of ice and a burn in size of Alaska on my left hand were comfortably seated on a sofa in front of the TV. I haven’t watched a single morning show in years, and my Alaska burn needed to heal before I could get on with my regular mail checking routine. And there it was: morning news show with a murder announcement on the front line. My neighborhood, by the way. “Great” – I thought…

     If I was to recall that whole day in my memory then I would say it was one big murky misunderstanding. Everything went wrong, every possible detail. Believe it or not, reality or myth, coincidence or fact: sometimes your habits are your best friends and in my case it is the best to stick to them, for the sake of everyone.


6 thoughts on “Useful habits. Wednesday write-in.

  1. Oh, no! What is it about disasters that they always seem to happen in groups? I hope the day improved once the Alaska burn healed… 🙂 Charming style and engaging narration.


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