Sewing the night away. Twisted keyhole neckline.


           We, ladies, love jewelry and anything else that can make our outfits stand out. Especially those bulky pieces of rhinestones and flowers that are so popular right now. As the summer is approaching here in Las Vegas, I turned out to be not as big of a fan of jewelry as I used to be. Since it gets very hot here the feeling of heavy jewelry on my body and neck is rather uncomfortable and hot! Therefore, while I was sewing my nights and days away I realized that you can design very interesting and attractive clothing pieces that simply wont ask for any additional decorations, such as jewelry.

          One of those ideas I got from Burda 2/2014, and it is a twisted keyhole neckline. Below you can see photos of the outcome. If to be honest, I am pretty satisfied. Although I used material (sweater knit) that is a little bit too soft for this construction, it still turned out good. I wanted something airy for those summer days: sleeves are made out of double layered chiffon. Enjoy!

Key hole neckline 2

Key hole neckline 1


2 thoughts on “Sewing the night away. Twisted keyhole neckline.

  1. I LOVE this neckline, and the fact that you could create it. So many true vintage garments have wonderful details like this. A dress I showed last week (black top and blue skirt) has a similar puzzle-to-get-into neckline, modeled after a dress worn by Grace Kelly in Rear Window. Isn’t it wonderful?! Thanks so much for joining my fun – I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the daily photos from my own true vintage closet.


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