Let’s go COLORBLOCK! Sewing and creating: aqua blue

Colorblock dress 2


       Hello there! It seems like I went crazy this year over all possible shades of blue, but if to be honest I am getting slightly tired of classic pairing of royal blue with, for example, white or grey/silver. This time I wanted something WILD yet conservative, FRESH and interesting yet with CLEAN lines and simple shape. There is something about sewing, and any type of creative activity, that makes me feel good. The process of shopping for fabric, putting colors together, making gifts for others and seeing people smile. I enjoy it all, really!

       Here we go: aqua blue color-block dress! This pattern comes from Burda issue 8/2011, I believe some of you could draft it yourself, but I am that type of crafty person that needs to have a certain pattern (I hate when something is not matching up!). I modified it slightly to create a look of a humble boat neckline and added a flounce. Top part of the dress is stretch crepe, bottom – chiffon with lining. If you’re going to attempt this pattern, make sure that you choose shape holding fabric, and if not – use shape holding lining, as I did.

      You can choose to add a belt to your waist line, as I did or maybe not, which will give you slightly baggier look, like a potato sack 🙂 And I LIKE IT, if to be honest. It gives feeling of some sort of comfort. Sorry for the awkward posing, I really am not the best person for camera stuff. And one little tiny thing: I forgot to add belt loops, SO you can see my belt slightly wiggling. As soon as I finish this post that will be my thing to do. Other than that – Thank You for stopping by!

You can take a look at this project at my Burda profile – http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/aqua-blue-color-block-dress


6 thoughts on “Let’s go COLORBLOCK! Sewing and creating: aqua blue

  1. I love the combination of shades and the casual structure made formal with the belt and jacket. Your posing is so much better than mine, plus you don’t have a dumb expression like me either ha! I tend to team citrus colours with dark blue in summer and gold or corals with any blue shade.


    1. Exactly! You totally understood what I wanted to achieve – casual made formal and comfortable. Because most of the times when I wear business I feel like a square block 🙂 this one is full of movements! Thank you for stopping by, always glad to see you here! 🙂


  2. Hi Alisa,

    What great pieces! Wish I knew how to sow, if only to alter my own clothes. So much easier to get a tailored look.

    And thanks for visiting my blog and gifting me with a like. I value each one.



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