Red Tango skirt. (Full gathered skirt pattern)

Red skirt cover

    Yesterday was a Tango night… Full of passion, emotions, good music, fascinating dancers and amazing showcase. Some of you might know that I have been doing dancing for quite a while now. Mostly Samba, Swing and Hustle. It excites me and encourages to see how far I can push my body. Well, recently we got invited to visit Winchester cultural center for their special fundraising Tango night, so we did.  It was interesting and unexpected!

         To celebrate my first proper introduction to the world of Tango culture I decided to make something special and of course, in RED. Since we had in plans to go ballroom dancing afterwards, it also should have been something airy yet comfortable to move in. Full gathered skirt it was.

         I chose 100% silk and doubled it with a layer of black chiffon, with invisible zipper at the back. Simple yet elegant I should say. Made it in roughly 3 hours, also while baking some home goods. Multitasking. I hope you enjoy the style and the flair of this skirt!

Red skirt 2

        And, yes, I am that kind of person that needs a pattern for everything. If to be honest, I love working with patterns, even if those are self-made or self-drafted, I still love to have one for any type of project I do. So, very simple yet quite detailed gathered skirt pattern you can find here

Also visit my Burda studio profile here.


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