Into the summer! Flower print gathered skirt (pattern)

Flower skirt cover

        Easy breezy pattern, wonderful fabric print, amazing feeling of colors – what could be better for those summer days? Especially here, in Vegas. The deal with me is that if I found myself in love with certain pattern, I am probably going to make two or three, or maybe more, different takes and styles on it. Like with this one, I made red tango skirt couple of days ago and today I am here to show this lovely flower skirt, exactly the same pattern.

      As I already said before, it might seem easy to do gathered skirts, but working with silk is a challenge on its own. This skirt is made out of two layers, top is printed silk, bottom is lightweight crepe (that’s the reason this skirt has more body) and invisible zipper in the back. I hope you love the style and silhouette as much as I do with all the accessories. Pattern can be found here. Burda style studio profile with all my doings here.

        Enjoy, enjoy and happy Monday! 🙂

– Alisa

Flower skirt 3

Flower skirt 2

Flower skirt 5

Flower skirt 7




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