Sewing: strapless & mini. Creating summer wardrobe (+pattern)


Strapless summer dress!
Strapless summer dress!

“BE BOLD!” was a promise that I gave to myself in order to try out something new and different.This is a perfect combination for summer: you can dress it up or down, and it is fairly easy to make. Main focus is on the choice of fabric: top port should be stretchy and shape holding, middle part – airy and flowing. Not sure if it is clearly seen on the photos, but color combination is beige cream and blush pink. Materials: stretch knit and fine crepe. To find this project on my Burda profile, click here. You will find pattern details below!

           I need to admit, that I am not strapless-kind-of-girl, neither is a mini length my cup of tea. Oddly, I always thought that there is something wrong with my legs and shoulders… 🙂 All in all, I think this dress came out pretty good. In my opinion, the combination of dress and jacket creates a slightly more sophisticated look, but it might be just me. This dress is made from a pattern I found in one of the Burda sewing magazines.

Burda vs Me

Pattern is very straight forward (size 36):

  • TOP part:  28cm x 70cm
  • SECOND part: crepe/satin/silk 45cm x 112cm
  • THIRD part: stretch jersey/knit (CUT x2) 77cm x 21cm
  • FOURTH part: crepe/satin/silk 52cm x 52cm
  • 1,5 cm for seam allowances

           Top part is sewn together, folded in half. Second part should be sewn through with the longest top stitching you have, then gathered to match the length of the top part. Sew together. The reason you need to cut two parts of section three is because you want it to be a) double layered and b) to create that wrap effect on the bottom (see photos). To create wrap effect all you need to do is to sew gathered top part of section four onto single layer of section three. Now gather the bottom part of section four and attach it to the second layer of section three. Now, when you are going to sew together double layered top part of section 3, you need to MISmatch side seems for approximately 10 cm, you can choose whatever length creates better wrap effect for you. As soon as you will sew together top parts of both layers of section 3 you will have that wonderful and unique wrap effect on the bottom. Attach section three to section two. Sew side seams. Voila! Your dress is ready! (I tried to explain the sewing process as good as I could, if your are confused – message me (, I will try to do my best 🙂 )

You can also add some of the details like I did:

Summer dress, details.
Summer dress, details.

Summer dress 8

Handmade clutch, also by me:

Summer dress clutch 9


11 thoughts on “Sewing: strapless & mini. Creating summer wardrobe (+pattern)

  1. Cute dress! I’m a bit wary of strapless dresses too but you really pull it off here – it’s a really interesting design and looks like a great fit. It looks great with the jacket too!


    1. Oh, thanks! Yeah… strapless can go wrong really quick, I prefer to have minimal, but at least some kind of straps. This one sits very secure on the bust area, so I am happy 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!


  2. Beautiful dress! It really looks wonderful on you! I love the idea of being bold in your sewing- this is something I would never think of making but it looks wonderful!


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